background of theory and author

the research and writing which eventually resulted in the metaparticle theory began in 1978, during preparation of a book manuscript titled the prevailing use of life. this was circulated by a new york agent among a dozen mainstream publishers, all of whom thought (fortunately, i now see) that it wouldn't sell enough copies.

along the way a number of prominent physicists were queried about reading the theory. only three replied.  (one came by postcard.  i had told this theorist, now deceased, that i had definite evidence the electron was binary and asked if he would like to see such evidence. his reply: "no, i don't see any evidence for it." who said physics lacks humor?)

copies were eventually sent to six, including four from whom i had heard nothing. in every case the theory was given freely, and with my offer to turn it over without obligation to any recipient who indicated sincere interest and agreed to get further testing done. but i would have to say my efforts along this line always seemed like offering an english cookbook to french chefs. one professor at a major university, now deceased, did suggest i obtain a "full mathematical treatment". following up on that i soon found i could not afford even a graduate student, and couldn't have understood what he did anyhow.

the clear reason for that is: i went to great lengths to avoid all college courses in math. i even went so far as to take ancient greek as a substitute. (i enjoyed that, and it does come in handy during dream conversations with plato.) in the forties there may have been faculty advisors at state universities but i never heard of one in my almost five semesters. at which point i was drafted without ado into the army air force, where they trained me to be a cryptographer. three years later, writing appealed more than returning to graduate. so half a century later i still hold not the slightest degree in anything, not to speak of never having taken a college course in physics.

it would seem then that i have a nerve to be parading any kind of theory involving particle physics, which as you may have heard requires a brain somewhat larger than that of sir isaac newton's. but when science began showing evidence of being on the brink of something crucial and far reaching, it was decided the metaparticle theory of a binary, rotating particle should gain exposure. it is evidently the only theory relating the origin of particles to a permanent source of motion and energy.

to sidestep the large brain requirement, i found that for this theory's purposes i could discover enough about particles by reading books written for laymen. after all, no new particles were being discovered in the metaparticle theory, only the hidden structure and origin of existing entities such as the electron, etc.

my main contributions have been concentrated upon those elements in the theory which (in the past and at present continuing) have been dismissed as metaphysical. but the basic data from which the metaparticle theory took root is not of my origination. i still do not know who, where, or when... except that it far antedates any restatement of it in historic times. what is perhaps our main goal is to suggest rational and pragmatic reasons for one unique, "substantive" aspect of metaphysics to be considered within the purview of science. this idea will be pursued in the sections to follow.  (original "clues" appear in supporting data.)

long before the religions existing today took shape, metaphysical thought flourished.  my research revealed that very little of it was concerned with the substantive aspect, though still more than at present.  i was struck with the idea that even that little might prove very valuable, now that for the first time in history there exists a body of scientific knowledge about subatomic particles. the future will determine if that idea adds meaningfully to progress.

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the author's replies to e-mail queries regarding his personal worldview is as follows:  "i believe that the universe and all its materiality is created and sustained by natural laws.  but i also believe that god, in some unknown way, created those laws."

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