elements of the metaparticle premise


sources of data, scientific and metaphysical

unsolved scientific mysteries, particularly those relating to particle physics, provided the main impetus for the metaparticle theory from its beginning in ontological curiosity to the current state. it can now be presented as an organized series of inter-dependent arguments claiming, at its widest extent, that all matter originates in a substratum of undifferentiated energy underlying the universe -- non-objective, indefinable, but everlasting and ultimately real.  we will be referring to this as the essential field.

subatomic particles are taken in this theory to be the original and irreducible state of matter having organized structure. consequently, it must be strongly evidenced here that fundamental particles such as the electron possess a structure that can most logically be seen as deriving from the imponderable but omnipresent substratum, rather than from "nothingness", or the spatial vacuum, as thought earlier by physics.

our evidence consists of showing, by means of computer simulations and comprehensible diagrams instead of by advanced mathematics, that many "mysteries of particle behavior", never solved through insufficient concepts based on wave/particle duality, are immediately solved by the two models of particle structure evolved and illustrated in this presentation.

what science labels as "mystical" or "metaphysical" is automatically deprived of relevance in a system built upon empirical results. however, metaparticle experiments do yield empirical results and are repeatable. this suggests, does it not, that although the substratum may not be "knowable" in the accepted sense of the word, it makes possible the knowable. therefore we predict that as long as it may take, the "field" of absolute energy which sustains existence will some day be found as necessary to physics as it is to metaphysics.




philosophical and metaphysical data

the essential field or substratum is visible only in the forms of physical particles produced from it. further, since one of the two poles of every such particle has remained totally imperceptible except through its effects on the other pole, whoever wishes to call this a metaphysical theory is partly justified in so doing. a more accurate word is hyperphysics.

but what we actually have here is a body of physical evidence, left over from the last century and recently altered for more convenient use by particle physicists. the metaparticle is structured in a way aimed at explaining the existence of "hyperphysical worldfields", whose spatial backgrounds are now being scientifically investigated. thus it departs from the single-point form currently advanced on the basis of "intrinsic angular momentum", as that model is currently explained.

please note that, regardless of what interpretations may exist in connection with the word "metaphysical", on this website we never employ it in association with religious doctrines -- but in such we do not include "spiritual principles" or laws of nature.


aside to the players

the interested amateur may wonder if concepts that seem utterly foreign to the idea of quantity can nevertheless be contemplated by those whose strongest suit is measurement. my weakest suit is trying to do without mathematics. i know now it can't be done in particle physics. but by analogy, if a football is thrown into a group of soccer players on their practice field, will any of them catch it?

metaparticles must begin at a reality which, one could say, has no round balls. we are averse towards beginning with nothing, so whatever we throw onto the practice field has to come from a storehouse where everything is football-shaped. prior to edition three, whenever i couldn't avoid it i had to use odd-looking balls made from footballs.

what i need to try this time is just throwing out footballs inscribed "if you are interested in examining this, pretend it is round. with the right math it will transform to round, and you may find some use for it."

and then leave before they can throw them back.



the following section puts in six consecutive steps the creation of an electron from the primordial dynamic energy of the substratum or essential field underlying space. these steps comply with what i can only call abbreviated hints concerning the constitution of matter. such metaphysical fragments of what could once have been wider teachings may go back millennia. dates are uncertain, but it is beyond question that they antecede the historical beginnings of thought about atoms. the most promising thing about them is their convertibility to practicality. (see supporting data).

here now is the most concise synopsis of the metaparticle premise that i can devise:



synopsis of the theorys premise

creation of matter in the form of fundamental particles demands as source a non-material substratum or essential field in a non-dimensional, permanently enduring space. this "abstract space" underlies and sustains the universal space which contains all that exists. such field is said to consist of homogeneous motion whose dynamic energy remains in a single state of intensity. laws intrinsic to the field cause different but balanced points of energy to be instantaneously translated into objectivity. thus unity of being becomes variety of existence.




axiomatic principles in premise include:

motion is primary and eternal

primal energy is homogeneous

being and existence are different fundamental realities

first changes occur in dynamic intensity which must be considered, in this future framework, a quality

the concept of quantity is indispensable to existence, and existence does originate in the essential field. but though the field itself may include "quality", the concept of "quantity" is totally absent.


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