the metaparticle theory has been in the process of development since l978.  there have of course been many efforts to "reconcile" physics with metaphysics, and this may be counted among them.  but whereas other theorists often saddle themselves with definitions pitting subjective data against the empirical methods of science, we have suggested a way to stay clear of such arguments.

this can be done with good reason by separating metaphysics itself into its "substantive" and "conscient" aspects. the latter encompasses all that concerns the interplay of consciousness with realms of thought and systems of belief involving imponderables in the physical sense.  substantive metaphysics, on the other hand, is restricted to the origins, gradations, and structure of matter as recognized at the primordial and elementary stages of subatomic particles.  the fact that many such gradations are presently invisible and inferential does not challenge their reality -- providing the goal remains always to bring about understanding, in scientifically evidential terms, of how elementary particles are produced from an ultimate source that exceeds what we consider to be ordinary materiality.

consequently metaparticles neither confirms nor opposes religious or other metaphysical belief systems, though we do argue against the reality of "nothingness" and the longterm futility of life. it is true that our initial impetus came from highly specific, very condensed data found in writings of unknown origin. but the fact that new, workable concepts applying to the basics of certain particles can evolve from such a source does not make us mystics any more than it makes us scientists. we simply thought our approach and results should gain exposure, and they have to a surprising degree done that.

this distinctly does not mean we are smiled upon by any facet of science whatever. but they are, for the present, allowing metaparticles to speak its piece.

    anthony paul perella

computer charts and diagrams illustrating this theory were done by charles bueker from the mid-80s to june, 2004 at the authors request. (with subsequent additions.)

the metaparticle theory was first formulated by anthony paul perella in 1978. it was written by him in this present
edition, 2008/09.
(with subsequent additions.)


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