an odd occurrence --
(which shaped the great cycle hypothesis)


first an episode as background. sometimes a complex but convincing thought structure will just come into one's head. such happened to me -- as you doubtlessly anticipated. i was simply resting in an armchair, not really thinking of anything at all. this was in 1988, and i had no special interest in things cosmological.

i felt calm and was without surprise when i noticed something had appeared in a sort of darker area in my vision. i thought it was an eye problem. but no, it was something like a very big, "put-together" landscape, rotating slowly out of the distance. no houses or people but trees, hills, creeks, a lake, all dimly sunlit against a dark sky. i decided it was indeed "in my head", but remained unsurprised through the following half-hour or so.

the main feature was a stream of silent thoughts, unspoken but clear without language, if that makes sense. with identification of the changing sectors that came into view, the "thoughts" were informative that this panorama was in explanation of a temporal progression of our world's inhabitants through changing cycles of life-conditions as the universe evolved. but only a few "epochs" were described, with the intimation that far greater cycles in the distant future were not included. (except the final "apex" era preceding dissolution and "sleep" until the next universal cycle "awakened".)

meanwhile the epochs shown did not look other-worldly, but not familiar either, excepting the first few. the panorama ended with an enhanced glow before dimming and fading into the dark blue background.

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _


no people or wildlife had appeared, which i interpreted as meaning the thought sequence was of main import rather than the rotating panorama. nothing was felt as being required of me, though i had a strong feeling i should remember as much as i could. one salient thought had been repeated as being of distinct importance: that nothing experienced in this world's subject-object consciousness would be carried over into a new universe -- definitely universe rather than "world" -- when the next one began. an unending cycle of universes linked by returning consciousness was implied, i decided later, but there would not be exact repetitions of anything of import in the past.

i never knew who or what; nothing even vaguely felt as being expected of me. nothing personal had been given and no "reason why". (and nothing alarming or predictive.)

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

there are only two reasons why i mention such an episode here; i've never done it before. first is that regardless of who that was, he (i think a he) was obviously the possessor of knowledge many times greater than anything i ever knew or heard of; so i didn't take it all as some strange joke. secondly, i was caused to see the important difference between existing and being. i don't recall whether thought on that subject occurred at the time. but i came to a simple understanding of it later. and please note that in this case "understanding" does not equate with experience or any kind of ability.





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