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we are delighted news readers. on its date of issue, 24th of november, 2009, i opened to page 12 of newscientist magazine. (its cover displayed an article headlined the quantum limit.)

in the article itself, by anil ananthaswamy, appeared a statement that "the location of the boundary between classical and quantum worlds is a long-standing mystery". (we became alert; we've been prattling about adjacent worldfields for eight years.) sequential bits..."one idea is that everything starts off as a quantum system, existing in a superposition of states". ..."when this system interacts with its environment, it collapses into a single classical state* - a phenomenon called quantum decoherence."

that was a break for metaparticles: for quite awhile we have been hoping that something empirical along those lines would win approbation by experimental physicists and others like them. (we thought in maybe fifty years or so.)

the same day, incidentally, we also welcomed coverage of the "circulating beams of protons"...causing the first particle collisions in the $10 billion collider. uplifting!

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*note the underlinings were done here by us, not by ananthaswamy or an editor.


the quantum in continuum

the above news stories do not presage immediate adoption or confirmation on the part of science. but the degree of scientific interest surely must imply such an eventual denouement. for a website like metaparticles, this opportunity is particularly reassuring. all it gives us is a chance to suggest contributions -- which will be either ignored or eventually altered to fit scientific preferences. but in the case of quantums, even entities seem to choose their own options when translating themselves out of a "higher", physically imponderable environment into the more material demands of earth.

the quantum now seems to be amenable to the concept of a worldfield continuum. which suggests a message that can be seen in the knowledge claimed by ancient philosophers of the so-called "conscient" aspects of metaphysics. they did dominate the early religions of the far east. and several left behind them belief systems that implied knowledge of other worldfields, imperceptible and basically differing.

such support from aeons ago can be bolstering in a pretty shaky way. but when "substantive hyperphysics" with its increasingly scientific orientation speaks of "other worldfields" as a possibility relating to our planet, it seems in order to depend on experimental quantum physics when they mention identifiable phenomena in connection with quantum decoherence. and when top-flight media write that "this system interacts with its environment by collapsing into a single classical state..." what are we to think?



is the quantum not shifting its normal means of existence from what amounts to a physically imponderable state to one of ponderability? which is perceptible in the earth environment and evidently absent in that of a "second-level worldfield". most importantly, a linking of worldfields in a continuum becomes feasible.


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why should quantum decoherence not be considered a portentous step toward taking into account the quantum as a basic principle in the organization of a universe? and also as an early indication that other worldfields beyond earth's may be mutually engaged in a linked continuum? our distant ancestors seemed to know - or think - that to be the case.

i will assure the reader at this point that metaparticles is not so naive as to think today's quantum physicists would devote ten seconds to the antique ideas of pre-hindus, when considering quantum findings or almost anything else along those lines.

but all antiquity beliefs aside, there is one facet of the quantum topic that strikes me as allowable -- and perhaps symbolic. transformation appears to be a requirement in the quantum's adjustment to a neighboring worldfield. and that could perhaps broaden possibilities.

scientific experiments will, we think, doubtlessly strengthen such theories in plausible ways. when necessary, and for reasons science may sooner or later investigate, the quantum can change into a classical state that physics may recognize as an improved condition involving two divergent but interlinked potentials.

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the concept of a worldfield continuum is one of those teachings that were "told of" in ancient times, but very seldom included in what we now call data. since we are assuming that quantum decoherence will continue to give way to classical items in the earth worldfield, we should mention -- as background -- a few of such teachings without being accused of actually teaching them.

earth is the first level (or at the bottom) of a seven-world continuum, it is said by many a new age cultivation. their interest in the concept is or has been in general restricted to the conscient aspects of metaphysics rather than the substantive, which pertains to material knowledge. metaparticles is familiar only with the first four worldfields because the more ethereal three, judging by the little revealed about them, do not strike us as being worldfields in the ordinary sense.

earth has its atmosphere ((the s at end of previous word removed on purpose)) and it is presumed that those worldfields forming a continuum have theirs. so far, their structural elements and particles have remained imperceptible to our sciences -- or were until the discoveries of quantum physics. this factor is what convinces metaparticles that quantum phenomena have their closest association with the level next above: a "second world".

it seems safe to assume that any scientific consideration of further worldfields within this manner of conception would be deemed unreal or at least immaterial. there is the chance, however, that in view of quantum decoherence the word "substantive" might be found preferable to "immaterial". we also think it logical that if each worldfield is surrounded by its own substantive atmosphere, intermingling is likely, at least along the lower worlds in the chain or continuum. but inasmuch as no data from past eras appears available, estimating separations would at the present time be conjectural.

and there should also be no overlooking the fact that much of the "non-data" gathered here by non-pro "web critiquers" is more conjectural than we like to get.







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